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Op vele weekenduitstapjes komen we in een van de vele National Parks die Australië rijk is. De natuur is prachtig en het uitzicht is op vele plaatsen ver-bluf-fend. En daar sta ik -de toerist- te foefelen om met een onnozel cameraatje om toch nog iets van het uitzicht te bewaren. En het resultaat mag er wezen. Vind hier binnenkort de reden om niet naar Australië te gaan omdat je alle uitzichten reeds in de volle 360° gezien hebt :)
Er is telkens een lagere resolutie (ongeveer 1Mb) en een hogere resolutie (ongeveer 3Mb) beschikbaar. De lage resolutie is nog steeds zeer goed, download de hoge resolutie enkel als je ergens een detail wilt zien, zo houd ik mijn bandbreedte binnen de perken, waarvoor dank. Om de 360° panorama's te bekijken heb je Quicktime nodig (download).

Grab some of the spectacular views in the many National Parks!
Choose between low res (around 1Mb) and high res (around 3Mb). The low res is still pretty good, so please only download the high res if you'd like to see more detail. Helps to save some of my bandwith quota, thanks. O yeah, you'll need Quicktime from here.




The QV building View of Melbourne City from the QV building. To view Melbourne from above, tourists are redirected to the observation deck of the Rialto Towers. This however is the expensive and non-adventurous approach. Therefore I tried to climb another of the many towers. After an unsuccesfull attempt in an office building (no accessible windows because the offices are obviously not accessible for tourists), I tried this residential building. Residents have to swipe their ID card in the elevator in order to be able to choose floor, so this will be hard for me... I get in the elevator together with a unsuspicious resident who swipes his card and chooses floor 22. When he got out, I was stuck as I couldn't go to another floor. But I was lucky, somebody on the 42th floor (out of a total of 44 floors) called the elevator while I was inside. So there I am, to flights of stairs to the highest floor, and getting access to 2 small windows with a view to the east of Melbourne... I must say, this panorama looks away from the very center of the city, so there's not much interesting to see. I hope one day I can get a better panorama, but I'll need some luck :)...
Price question: find the open-air sport terrain in the panorama... Give your answer below.

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The Three Sisters The Blue Mountains. Near Sydney is the "Blue Mountains National Park". During our 3-day Sydney trip we spent 1 day to visit Katoomba, around 100km from Sydney. This town is located on a cliff from where beautiful views of the Mountains and rock formations can be seen. It's also great for hikes, but as we had only one day, we didn't descend all the way down the cliff to hike in the forests below. So we did a walk along the cliff, and going a little bit down where possible to see waterfalls and special rocks, and -most important of all- a bit away from the tourist mass who are going by bus & cablecars from lookout to lookout...

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Cradle Mountain Cradle Mountain National Park in Tasmania. During our hike around Cradle Mountain, we came across a huge variety of views. Enjoy this View over Lake Hanson, Hanson's Peak and Cradle Mountain.

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Cricket at the MCG. added 24/02/2008

The MCG, the beating heart of Melbourne Cricket and Footy with a capacity of just under a 100,000 visitors. (Read more...)

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Mount "The Mount" Maunganui (New Zealand). added 24/02/2008

The small town near Taurange where I live during my work in New Zealand has some nice Pacific features, see for yourself...

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